Water Proof Tester OBET 3.5

    1. Ensure sample safety by using air.
    2. Test possible five parts at a time, must be set to each of Test if necessary.
    3. Application of safety sensor for accident prevention of workers in cylinder pressing operation.
    4. 7 "Touch Screen is applied to


    Division Specifications Remarks
    Model Name Water Proof Tester OBET3.5  
    Working Voltage 100-240VAC(85-264VAC), 50/60Hz  
    Standard(mm) 610(W) x 510(D) x 640(H)  
    Weight 75kg  
    Main Supply pressure (external) 200kPa ~ 700kPa  
    Measuring pressure 5~30kPa (0.7PSI ~ 4.4PSI) Different according to product size
    Operating Temperature range 15℃~28℃  
    Inspection time User Setting (Time adjustment according to inspection product) Within 15 seconds on average
    Measurement Error ±0.1%  
    Resolution 0.1kPa  
    Inspection items I/O Connector, Small logistics(Speaker, Receiver, Ear-Jack etc.)  
    Option Specifications Additional contact options and Production inquiry