Volume Check Tester OBET2.1

    1. Ensure sample safety by using air.
    2. 17 "Touch Monitor Setting easily secured with respect to the visibility, and each set value is applied.
    3. Safety sensor is applied to the front for cylinder accident prevention worker accident.
    4. Self diagnosi


    Division Specifications Remarks
    Model Name Volume Check Tester OBET2.1  
    Working Voltage 100-240VAC(85-264VAC), 50/60Hz  
    Standard(mm) 700(W) x 800(D) x 1600(H)  
    Weight 200kg  
    Main Supply pressure (external) More than 400kPa(58psi)   
    Measuring pressure 80~200kPa (11.6~29psi) Different according to product size
    Operating Temperature range 10℃~35℃  
    Inspection time User Setting (Time adjustment according to inspection product)  
    Measurement Error L. Leak ±1.0%, S. Leak ±0.2%  
    Resolution 2Pa  
    Inspection items Car Test (Camera, Door Lock Switch, Antenna, Wearable etc.)  
    Option Specifications Additional contact options and Production inquiry